Embrace And Manage Employees With ADHD And Autism To Excel

Do you want to better understand employees that have ADHD, autism, and other conditions? Do you want to make sure your HR department isn’t discriminating against neurodivergent candidates? Do you want to make sure that everyone you work with is given the opportunity to perform at their best? This course will help you gain a deeper insight into what it’s like to live with these conditions and how you can support those affected.

15-20% of the population is estimated to be neurodiverse. Large organisations are finally starting to take this statistic seriously by implementing neurodiversity training programmes and other interventions to raise awareness and provide support. No matter how large or small your company is, your workforce can benefit greatly from understanding and supporting neurodiversity.

The essence of neurodiversity awareness is understanding that just because not everybody’s brain functions in the same way, that does not mean that anyone who is different to what society deems normal is less competent. In fact, some of the greatest minds humanity has seen have been neurodivergent. Albert Einstein is just one example of a great scientist who is believed to have been autistic. Many individuals with autism or ADHD have accomplished great things and are highly skilled in certain areas.

The course begins by listing a range of neurodiverse conditions, before focusing on ADHD and autism and how these symptoms affect people on a daily basis, in the workplace. We then explore the types of support you can offer employees with ADHD and autism. We look at how the strengths of these conditions can be a great benefit in many fields of work despite individuals often struggling to find employment. One reason for this is that they may not conform to social norms in terms of communication. We will take a closer look at how discrimination may be occurring in the hiring process – intentionally or unintentionally. The course concludes by reviewing some additional support options including government funding and neurodiversity training.

If you’re ready to make sure that your neurodivergent employees are able to reach their full potential, enrol now.

Understanding Neurodiversity In The Workplace

Embrace And Manage Employees With ADHD And Autism To Excel»

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