Express Your Thoughts in Sanskrit

Spoken Sanskrit Language is one of the most required qualification to express the meaning of the Sanskrit Texts, Shastra, Purana and Sutra while lecturing as well as learning, because the correct and accurate meaning of the Sanskrit Texts can be explained in Sanskrit only. The other helper languages can not exactly translate the meaning and convey the indented essence of the Sanskrit Texts, though as a beginner we need a helper language. English being most common international language I used it to explain the course contents.

We will learn to speak like a child with two words, three words sentences and gradually we will learn many different parts of sentence constructions like Noun, Verb, Adjectives, Adverb, Conjunctions, Pronouns etc., to construct simple as well as complex sentences progressively lesson after lesson.

The course is divided in three steps – 1) Learn or get introduced to the Basic Sanskrit Language Structural Elements, 2) Practice the basic elements employing in sentences and simultaneously build Sanskrit Vocabulary, 3) Analyze the Sanskrit Conversation using hundred plus dialogue.

Once the learning started, your curiosity and inquisitiveness to construct the sentence of whatever you feel like expressing is given more importance than memorizing a set of pre-made sentences.

Additional resource to build Sanskrit Vocabulary and sentence formation as a conversational style is provided using my YouTube channel «Sanskrit Learners Club» where in I will upload 1000 stories read in Sanskrit and explained with English comprehension.

Using my Google Group further you are facilitated to interact with fellow students and express your thoughts and learn from others different aspects of Spoken Sanskrit.

Beginners as well as those with some basic exposure can get maximum out of this course contents which will have around 250 lectures, which are to be studied sequentially and progressively.

I put a lot of time and efforts in making this course and I am sure that this course will help you get all your doubts cleared and make you comfortable in expressing your thoughts in Spoken Sanskrit as a native speaker of the language.

Please give a try

with regards,

Your Co-Student, Shankar Iyer

Spoken Sanskrit in Three Comprehensive Steps

Express Your Thoughts in Sanskrit»

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