The only brain friendly method to make you speak French confidently from the ground up!

What if I told you that you could effortlessly form sentences and express yourself in French in a matter of hours even if you have never spoken a word in French?

Would you believe me? You wouldn’t because we are trained to believe that learning is painful, takes time and needs a formal learning classroom context.

How did you learn to speak your mother tongue? Did you take notes? Did you try to memorize? Did you sit in a classroom and be taught?

No you did not.

Our natural way of learning languages has been be ignored for the longest time by educational institutions and in this course I am inviting you to experience the power of your brain, how it makes sense of language and how it picks it up!

it is built upon a pedagogical method called “Direct Instruction” that makes learning addictive and so much fun!

You will be blown away by your capacity to form sentences, use words and build your French vocabulary as you go.

This is the most complete French speaking course you can find online that is taking your from Zero to being able to speak your mind in French with confidence and fluidity!

This is a speaking course more than a grammar one. It focuses on making you acquire the most commonly used grammatical structures, vocabulary and expressions that you will hear in french speaking countries & contexts. It is not a watching or listening course it is a DOING course. It prompts you constantly to apply what you just learned and voice the sentences & words being taught right away.

It uses a knowledge scaffolding method where old knowledge is recalled and combined with newer knowledge allowing you to make connections in your brain!

The best part is the course’s ground rules. No note-taking, no trying to memorize, no homework or mental homework … just sit back relax and let your brain absorb. The moment you try to remember or force yourself to understand you are creating a tension that is not allowing you to learn. If you are making a mistake or struggling I will reming you that the responsibility to learn is on my shoulders’ as your language teacher.

We will use a lot of your preexisting knowledge in English to build your French vocabulary and you will be blown away how much French you know!

You will get addicted to learning French and will start looking forward to learning it!

Whether you are traveling to France, working with French speakers or just looking to add a new language to add under your belt! This course is all you need to speak French from the ground up and all you really need is the time to go through each lesson, each prompt and each example with relaxation and excitment!

You are about to embark on a French learning journey like never before! So what are you waiting for?

Let’s dive together and start speaking French!

How does it work?

Within the very first lessons you will start constructing simple phrases by listening and answering prompts for yourself without feeling the tension or stress for writing or memorizing. You will learn through what you already know from English as well as the languages you already speak because you have intuitively already mastered the key pillars and structures to express yourself using language as a medium. You’ll advance throughout the course with passion and excitement! You will feel that you have unlocked a superpower!

Why is this teaching method so effective?

Direct instructions is a systematic approach to learning. It uses spaced repetition and positive, positive reinformcement and knowledge scaffolding. I took its principles and applied them to the context of language learning acquisition. Beyond speaking to you, I will be speaking to your brain and engaging it in a way that it will pick up words, expressions and connecting dots. I rely on your short term and long-term memory. By the end of this course, you will have mastered all what you need to speak French in various contexts.

I will breaks down French into building blocks. I introduce you to new words and expressions in a specific sequence and then I prompt you right a way to reuse them into sentences. By thinking and voicing your answer you will start going from simple to more complex French formulations and expressions in a matter of hours. There are key rules for you to make this course a success: – NO homework

  • NO note-taking

-NO additional exercises offline

-NO memorization

Speak French from Scratch (Addictive Learning Method)!

The only brain friendly method to make you speak French confidently from the ground up!»

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