formulate least cost ration and prevent deficiency diseases

poutry nutrition and clinical nutrition step by step

poultry business is profitable and a very good chance to finantial freedem

ask your self why I want to raise chicken

is it for fun

is it for satisfying myself it is ahoby

is it for get meat or egg for me and my family

it is for commercial purpose it is bausiness

what kind of resources I have?

land houses asic knowlege money with money you can buy land

where will I locate my project?

what is the right track in poultry farming busineess?

aclear plan for all processes of your farming  business  from Ato Z

All needs housing needs feeding needs marketing needs

aplan is the first positive step on your way to sucssess

in step by step

explain principales of poultry feeding and nutrition

digestive system an idea of poultry anatomey

basic tems of  animal nutritinist like metabolisale energy/ crude protein

basic knowleg for ration formulation like bird requiements or specifications

Why poultry are different than other animals

• Digestion is more rapid

• Respiration and circulation is more faster

• body temperature is higher

• They are more active

• They are more active

• More sensitive to environmental conditions

• They grow at more rapid rate

• Mature at younger age

Feed for poultry

awide range of feed stuffs can be used

these can be classed as

Energy feed stuffs

protein supplement

mineral supplements

vitamins supplements

Energy feed stuffs

the major energy sources of poultry feeds are

the cereal grains and their by product and fats

Corn is the most important

grain used y poultry

supplying about one third of

total feed which they consume

Many other energy feed stuffs

including a great array of milling y product

corn gluten

bran feed

wheat processing by product

Protein supplements

the usefulness of a protein feed stuffs depend

on its ability to furnish the essential amino

acids required by the bird

digestibility of the protein

the presence or absence of toxic substance

general rule

several different source of protein

produce better result than single

protein source

Both plant and animal

are used

most have supplement of mineral and vitamins

which increase their values

Among the animal protein  supplements

meat meal

meat and bone meal

fish by product

use it or not according to regulations

Common plant protein

soya bean meal

corn gluten meal

Mineral supplements

required for skeletal development

in growing birdsand other regulatory processes in the body

Common calcium supplement

ground limestone

DCP dicalcium phosphate

crushed ouster shell

Boiler feeding and nutrition

layer feeding and nutrition

broiler breeder feeding and nutrition

poultry deficiency diseases famous


Biotin deficiency

riboflavin deficiency

vitamin E deficiency

vitamin A deficiency

poultry farming nutrition and clinical nutrition stepby step

formulate least cost ration and prevent deficiency diseases»

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