An A-Z guide for comic book creation

Want to bring your comic book ideas to life?

This course is designed to help you bring your comic book to life! To finally bring your loose ideas into something solid, something you can create, print, and even sell!! Don’t let fear of starting take over… tackle it!! Make your comic now!

In this course we will cover almost 14 hours of content including –

  • What are Comics?

  • Coming up with concepts and ideas

  • Character concepts with Clayton Barton 

  • Character sheets with Mike Van Orden

  • World Building – The Ws

  • World building – Architecture and themes

  • Script types

  • Scripts with Steve Colle

  • Shot Types

  • Shot composition

  • Composition exercises

  • Types of panels

  • Panel flow

  • Tangents

  • Dynamic vs Static with Chris Graves

  • Storyline and Tempo

  • Story beats 

  • Thumbnailing Basics

  • Storyboarding thumbs with Jean-Claude De La Ronde

  • Color

  • Lettering – Fonts, Dialogues, and Word Bubbles 

  • Lettering – Titles 

  • Lettering – effect

  • Typography with Todd Cowden

  • Cover choices

  • Printing with Barry Gregory

  • Comic Cons with Dominic Glover *pending

  • Marketing with Rob Arnold 

  • Teambuilding with Rob Arnold 

  • Feedback on submitted sequential work

As you can see, there’s a ton of experience in the instructor pool on this one. I’ve searched through friends, colleagues, and contacts to make sure I brought you insight into all parts of the process.

So no, this course isn’t designed to teach you how to draw, I have other courses for that, it IS designed to help you bring WHATEVER type of comic you’re looking to produce to fruition!

So, stop dreaming about maybe «one day» making your comic, NOW is the time! Start now… because the sooner you start, the sooner it’ll get done and you can finally rest. hahahaha


Special thanks to:

Clayton Barton (Aus)- Founder of How To Draw Comics

Mike Van Orden (Thailand) – Artist/Instructor

Chris Graves (US)- Artist/Instructor

Jean-Claude De La Ronde (Can)- Storyboard Artist

Barry Gregory (US)- Founder and co-owner at Ka-Blam Digital Printing

Rob Arnold (Aus) – Writer/Creator of REPLICATOR

Not sure? All courses have a 30-day money-back guarantee!

How To MAKE Comics – From concept, to pages, to publishing

An A-Z guide for comic book creation»

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