Turn you musical ideas into reality in Any Genre. Record. Edit. Produce. Create more music.

  • From your first tracks to advanced mixing plugins and beyond.

  • From beginner to PRO in weeks.

  • 13+ hours easy to follow video content packed with insights and practical examples

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—————————————-  I understand your struggle.   ——————————-

Do you feel like technical side of Cubase is stopping you from reaching your full creative musical potential?

You have a lot of creative ideas but things just get too complicated and technical?

You’ve been using Cubase for quite some time but it still doesn’t feel like you’re in control?

—————————————-  Here is the hard way   ——————————————

I felt the same way like you do when I just started using Cubase, 10 years ago.

I had a lot of musical Ideas and knew how to create it on my instruments, but when it comes to recording and producing it in Cubase, I didn’t know where to start and the program felt so complex.


I started doing what everybody does – Youtube videos and Google search.


These are great resources but I felt overwhelmed. I was spending hours and hours on numerous tutorial videos and articles instead of making music.

Eventually I have mastered the entire music production process, but it cost me a lot of time and effort.

——————————-  Save months or even years! I did the work for you!  ———————

I carefully listened to what people like you had to say

In order to create content of true value, I built a group of more than 50 CUBASE USERS.

I wanted their guidance in making this course. Their struggles, questions, and difficulties were very important to me.

They were mostly complete beginners. Some of them were Cubase users for quite a while but still felt like something was missing. Experienced producers who wanted to switch from another DAW were here as well.

I managed to get extremely valuable feedback and frequently asked questions which helped me to structure this course and create lesson materials from their perspective.

——————————–  This is what some of them say about the course  ———————

«The videos are thorough, complete and presented at a slow pace, which is something I appreciate. I’ve had access to many tutorials of Cubase and this course is, by far, the best that I’ve found. I struggle with digital technology. I’m 68 years old and I finally feel that I’m understanding Cubase.»

Michael Champion

“Complete Cubase Mastery is a very easy to follow course. It’s everything you need to start without going through difficult Manuals or expensive Education. I wish I had found a course like this when I just started out.”

Patrick Esman, Bass Player and Owner of YTL Productions

“Every second of watching this course was very well spent. I gained more knowledge in 2 weeks than during the past two years of learning by myself. This course is so well structured and Milan is a very cool guy to learn from. Even though I had some previous experience with Cubase this brought my game to a whole new level. Thank you for sharing the knowledge and exprerience.”

Danilo, Singer-songwriter

“This course is huge and Milan really pays attention to details. I learned so many great tricks that affected my workflow and understanding of Cubase. After watching this course, I feel way more comfortable with creating music in Cubase.”

Myles Adams, Music production student

————————————–  Learn in weeks what took me years!  ————————-

Start with basics!

Set up Cubase and customize project environment like PRO!

Learn different MIDI and audio recording modes in Cubase and record like a pro! Get my personal recording tips and tricks!

Create tracks with Halion Sonic, Groove Agent, Prologue and Retrologue. Discover Media Bay’s vast library of samples and presets and how to use it.

Master Audio, MIDI and drum Editor!

—————————- Become extremely productive. Create more music!  —————-

Triple your speed!

Get fast and more creative with Marker tracks, Arranger tracks, Chord tracks, Chord pads and much more. (In depth demonstration)

Get extremely productive with programing your own shortcuts and creating templates.

Learn four levels of automation in Cubase!

—————————-      Learn Advanced mixing plugins and effects.  ———————

Learn the fundamentals of music production in any genre.

Yes! I am going to show you how to use plugins and effects, but not just that! I am going to help you to fully understand concepts behind it.

In this course you will learn about Eqs, Compressors, Reverbs, Delays…. and you will also completely understand its parameters.

Correct vocal pitch and create harmonies with Vari Audio!

Learn sidechaining, signal flow… Master the entire channel strip!

—————————————  FREE updates ———————-

This course will continue growing, and guess what? You don’t need to pay any extra money for getting the updates. Once you purchase this course, all the future updates are completely free.

I will continue introducing new sections to make this the best course ever. Since a lot of my students asked me about creating electronic music in Cubase and using samples and presets, I introduced a new section: Creating Electronic music with samples and presets.

This section helps you to get started with using audio presets and loops that you already have in Cubase to create some awesome sounding tracks.

In this section, you are going to create two EDM tracks with me and learn a lot of useful tools for this genre.

———————————— FREE Downloadable content ——————–

Don’t have completed projects? No worries!

Download professionally recorded tracks for practice in a variety of genres. I provide the links inside the course.

Get my favorite click sound and use it in your DAW – if you like it…:)

Complete Cubase Mastery – from Beginner to Pro in any Genre

Turn you musical ideas into reality in Any Genre. Record. Edit. Produce. Create more music.»

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