Belly Dance for Beginners

Belly dancing stemmed from the country Egypt. It happened to be a folk dance that offended a lot of people, as they considered showing an ankle or any part of your body a felony, they then were refrained from performing in Cairo, in the 1830s. But America loved the dance form so they took it upon themselves to perform, belly dancing then became famous in the Middle East and Europe. Learn the basics techniques of Ballet with the renowned Shruti Kulkarni. Also get to learn a choreo!

Having completed her Diploma in Movement Arts in 2011-2012, Shruti Kulkarni is the founder and artistic director of Inara school of performing arts. Trained in many forms like Contemporary, Bharatanatyam, Ballet, Jazz and Kalaripayattu as part of her Diploma, she was introduced to Belly dance in 2012 and hasn’t stopped herself from exploring this dance form further ever since. She has performed at various national and international belly dance festivals across the globe and continues to train with internationally acclaimed artists in the field of belly dance to ensure quality teaching in Bangalore. She has represented India, participated and won many awards in belly dance festivals. Hipnosis – Mumbai, Belly dancer of the world – Germany, Mazagat – Italy, Tribal Roma – Rome, Sydney Middle Eastern dance festival – Australia, Cairo festival – Budapest are some of them to mention. She is currently training in Kathak for the past 6 years under Guru Murari Sharan Gupta and has performed at various prestigious dance festivals and productions as part of Samam ensemble across the country under the guidance of her guru. She has also completed her senior diploma in Kathak under Prayag university Allahabad.

Belly Dance by Shruti Kulkarni

Belly Dance for Beginners»

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